Monday, 23 January 2012

The Escape Committee

At Leicester Square tube station, a bank of three long escalators bridges the divide between the sub-surface ticket hall and the lower lobby that connects with the platforms.

Currently only one of these moving staircases is ferrying passengers down into the bowels of the station. Of the two travelling in the opposite direction, the centre-most one has been blocked off by a quartet of the Transport for London workers, who are gathered around a middle-aged man in wheelchair. As they contemplate the steep ascent, the disabled man appears to provide input with animated hand gestures.  

Suddenly, with the coordination of a bobsleigh team, a pair of the Transport Workers roll the chair onto the flat part of the escalator. As it begins to climb and the stairs separate, they take a from grasp of the handles allowing their passenger to tilt back slightly, while keeping him wedged firmly in place.

The remaining duo keep vigil at the bottom, barring anybody else from boarding.

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